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Join the Crew

Set, Props, Lighting, & Sound

Working in the shadows, the crew makes the entire show come to life. From creating the setting, to adding effects, to creating the mood. From the very beginning to the final tear down the crew plays a vital role.

Costuming & Makeup

Do you have talent with a sewing machine or a makeup brush? Help transports the audience to a different place and time. We are always looking for talented seamstresses to create “the look” for our shows.

Join a Production Crew

The jobs involved in the production crew are what brings life to a performance.


It takes a lot to make a show run, and all the people working behind the scenes are just as valuable as the actors on the stage. We are always looking for volunteers to build props, run lighting, and switch scenes between acts. If you want to help out with a show, but acting isn’t your thing, consider helping out and learning all about rewarding theatre jobs.


Are you handy with a hammer? Or maybe you enjoy painting? Then the stage is calling you to help design and build our sets! Help transport the audience to new worlds all while gaining skills and making friends.


Our sound and light volunteers run all the technology required to illuminate and amplify the show. We are always looking for ‘bright’ volunteers to help us with our shows. We will train you on all the equipment!

Join Our Crew!

We're always looking for help to bring the theatre to life. Send us an email or use the contact button to join our crew!

Costuming and Makeup Artists at ECCT

Help bring characters to life through their costumes, hair and makeup!


Our costumers select and design clothing for ECCT shows. Seamstresses make or alter costumes to fit each cast member. Experienced sewers are always needed, but there are also opportunities for people who can do small hand-stitching tasks and people who can iron finished products.


Help each character come to life by helping backstage with hair and makeup. Full stage make-up and hair styling is required for each production and dress rehearsal. Some experience with make-up and hairstyling is necessary, as is a time commitment of one or more hours prior to each performance, in addition to any help you can offer during dress rehearsals.

Join our Costuming and Makeup Team!

We're always looking for help to bring the theatre to life. Send us an email or use the contact button to join our costumers!