Thank you to all the performers that auditioned! Congratulations to the following cast members:
Arthur Read…..Megan Christensen
Arthur’s Mom/Ms. Yolanda…..Carrie Christensen
Arthur’s Dad/Mr. Ratburn…..Alec Breck
DW…..Anna Kling
Francine…..Sapphira Chromey
Binky Barnes…..Weston Schram
Buster Baxter…..Michael Christensen
Muffy…..Amina Perkins
The Brain…..Olivia Oster
Mrs. Sweetwater/Mrs. Tibble…..Katie Otto
Puppy Pal…..Natalie Schram
Students/Trick or Treaters: Lily Toczek, Svetlana Herrington, Maggie Toczek, Paige Litscher, Abbi Turk, Quinn Sather, AJ Perkins

The first rehearsal for the entire cast will be Monday, September 21 at 5:30pm. There will be a meeting for the cast AND at least one parent at 6:40pm following the rehearsal on Monday. Scripts and scores will be available for pick up this Thursday from 9am-Noon, Friday from 10am-6pm, Sunday from 4pm-9pm and Monday from 9am-5pm.