Thank you to everyone that auditioned for this show. Following is the cast list:
Frog……..Toby Jacobson
Toad……..Kevin Grady
Lady Bird 2, Turtle, Squirrel 1, Mother Frog, Mole 3….. Megan Streuli
Man Bird, Mouse, Squirrel 2, Father Frog, Mole 2….. Jackson Berhow
Lady Bird 1, Lizard, Young Frog, Mole 1….. Emily Ruth
Snail, Large & Terrible Frog…..Joe Burger
The first rehearsal for the full cast will be Thursday, October 24 at ECCT at 5:30pm. Cast members may pick up their scripts with a $25 deposit today until 9pm, Wednesday from 9am-9pm or Thursday 9am-5pm.