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"So I know you’re thinking, “What, me audition to be in an ECCT show?  There’s NO WAY I’m going to do that.”  I used to think that too.  My two daughters have been in numerous shows and while I enjoy watching them and helping behind the scenes, I never thought I would ever be on the same stage performing with them.  But last summer that’s exactly what happened.

My daughters encouraged me to audition for the summer show.  I figured there was truly no time like the present so I found a song I liked and practiced for my audition.  Now my practice wasn’t anything scientific.  I sang along with the song while driving back and forth to work.  By the day of auditions I thought I was ready to sing for the director.  Yes, I was nervous, but everyone there made me feel more at ease.  I sang my song and let out a huge sign of relief.  I even had the opportunity to perform with my kids, which made everything worth it. 

You can do it.  All you need to do is sing a familiar song and wait for the fun to begin.  You won’t regret it."
Sharon McIlquham

"If you can read this, you can audition! Many auditions are nothing more than reading the words from the script. No experience necessary!

I had been a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and I'm not sure what made me do it - perhaps sitting there for my son's umpteenth audition - but I decided to ignore my jitters and audition for a play. No singing required! The audition was easy and painless. Two years and ten shows later, I have had amazing experiences on stage and off, made great friends, and worked with funny, kind, and generous people.

So, if you've ever thought of auditioning, ignore your jitters (and everyone gets them) and do it! You never know what wonderful experiences might lie ahead."
Alicia Klein


Looking for an audition song?  Check out over 1000+ songs on Spotify that will be available at all upcoming ECCT musical auditions requiring a prepared piece!  Just go to 





Congratulations to the following cast members:
Alex...............Andy Lupinek
Marty.............Matt Rightmire
Melman.........Kevin Grady
Gloria............Laura Cunningham
King Julien....Zach Schultz
Skipper..........Malaki Suckerman
Kowalski........Owen Hilton
Rico...............Lance Walker
Private...........Katie Otto
(Foosa, Zookeepers, Captain, Candy, Police, etc.)
Jeanie Schoenhals, Hayley Schultz, Brian Hoffman
Penguins: Lily Lewis, Joscelyn Smith, Ava Schultz, Olivia Zavaleta Postlewaite, Roisin Hoffman, Selena Suckerman, Anjali Maddikunta, Scarlett Schultz, Sandra Hinke, Mariam Anger
Lemurs: Katelyn Geyer, Michaela Haig, Alexa Hilton, Allie O’Neill, Aubrey Hilton, Payton Burcaw, Morgan Smith, Makenna Peterson, Sydney Ford, Bella Borton, Lauren O’Neill, Olivia Snyder.
We would like as many cast members and their families as possible to hand out show flyers on Saturday, June 10 in the Cinder City Days Parade in Altoona. We'll be meeting at 12:30pm near the middle/high school. Look for the jungle animals and the ECCT banner.
The first meeting/rehearsal for all cast members and at least ONE parent of each cast member ages 17 and under will be held Monday, June 12 at 7pm at ECCT. Named characters should bring a $25 check for their script deposit and everyone should bring their family calendars as you will be signing up for a number of promotional events and backstage activities on Monday night.




June 19 at 7pm

When a male performer sings a Broadway song written for a female performer, and vice versa, the results are sometimes thought-provoking, often hilarious, and always thoroughly enjoyable. Never underestimate the power of the pronoun in thie entertaining musical revue. 


AUDITIONS: Prepare a 30-60 second cutting from any Broadway song.  Bring your own accompaniment- live, CD, or on an electronic device like iPhone or iPad.  Looking for a song? Choose a song from the over 1000 songs that will be available from the ECCT Broadway Audition Tracks found on Spotify using the link above. There will be no dance audition.

ROLES: Maximum of 10 males and 10 females ages high school to adults.  There will be no additional chorus.

REHEARSALS: 2-3 nights per week from 7pm-9pm Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays from June 21-August 2 and Tech Week from August 6-10 Sunday through Thursday.

SHOWS: 2 public performances August 11 & 12 at The Oxford.